17 février 2015

Kyle Farmery Gender Illusionist

(s)he work like a model in NYC

21 janvier 2015

Here Come Brides: the fem-marriage of Davis and Alison

Alison Brooks (left) with new husband Alina Davis (Dmitry Kozhukhov) 
after their wedding in Moscow

Davis, whose real name is Dmitry Kozhukhov, identifies “as a guy” and is strongly attracted to women but feels more comfortable dressing as a female, describing himself as “androgyne”.
Their union in a Moscow registry office almost didn’t happen because of the country’s conservative marriage laws but since theirs was a heterosexual relationship, there was nothing authorities could do.
The complete interview on the Huffington Post

 photos from Alina Davis Facebook profile

28 juin 2014

Shakira VS Shakiro

Jonathan Trujillo led femulation on another level. His voice looks like in a impressive way to the popstar Shakira. His first appearence was on the local Got Talent "Colombia Tiene Talento".

11 mai 2014

Bearded Drag Queen Wins the Eurovision 2014

The austrian Conchita Wurst alias Thomas Neuwirth wins the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenaghen. She defines herself an artist instead of a transegender. She created the character of Conchita in 2011 in order to break the gender stereotypes.

Conchita with her husband Jaques Patriaque